Kora & Guitar Duo - Josh Doughty & Tim Tyson

Kora & Guitar Duo - Josh Doughty & Tim Tyson

The perfect mix of these two stringed instruments is nothing new but when it is being played by two British born musicians who have more of a connection with West Wales than West Africa it is something most unique.

But Josh Doughty and Tim Tyson Short did first meet in Mali, West Africa, under a tree in Segou on the banks of the river Niger. They had both travelled to the festival de Niger in 2007. Josh had been learning with Kora master Toumani Diabaté and Tim was there to study Manding guitar and accompany his daughter who was singing at the festival.

“It was a surprise to meet another family from Wales in such a remote place” says Tim Tyson “and although Josh was in Mali with his parents and I was there with my daughter it was great to discover that we both loved the same music - it seemed so natural”. As with all chance encounters it ended with “We must catch up back home.”

And they did, over the years Tim and Josh have taken every opportunity to play together and have developed a set of tunes that acknowledges the traditions and history of Kora music but they have also developed their own sound with their own compositions and arrangements. “The Kora tradition is ancient” says Josh” but it is not really ours though, we have just been touched by it, there are plenty of African musicians far better than us. It is important to absorb and respect the tradition and then forge our own.” Josh has certainly done this and it is his Kora playing that can be heard on Sampha’s Mercury prize winning album “Process” He also runs Kora workshops across Europe, plays solo gigs in palaces and prisons and is in high demand as a session player.

“Out of all the music I play this is the one that I feel most for” says Tim Tyson “when we start it hard to stop, time takes a left turn and we carry on. There is so much to be done with this music whether its adapting our own songs or adding beats and singers we just keep developing.”

Tim Tyson has spent a lot of time travelling and filming. He is mostly known for his percussion playing with bands and as a session artist.

Whenever the duo perform they leave a sense of deep satisfaction, thanks and joy. At festivals, clubs, pubs or parties their music is always enervated with their simple joy of playing together, it spreads like good news, a sensation that you feel lucky to share.

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